KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket and Pant

The KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket and Pant is one of the most advanced motorcycle gear combination on the market and a leader in all-weather adventure riding gear. Featuring a list of advanced functionality, the suit provides riding performance across all-weather conditions, terrain and disciplines.

One of the reasons for me to go for this suit is the GORE-TEX® membrane which is located in the outer shell. This way your suit will not be saturated with water in case of heavy rain. This makes a difference compared to many other adventure riding gear combinations where the breathable membrane is on the inside of the suit.

Furthermore the jacket has a fully integrated harness system to balance the weight and comes with an integrated water bladder system.

Since the market was rather empty,  it was a mission itself to get the suit in time. Therefore, I am very thankful to Jens Scharphuis from  Offroad-Kontor in Germany. Without his support I wouldn’t wear the suit today.

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