Hi, my name is Jens.

“Heading East” on a motorbike was on my mind for some time. But what makes someone travelling for several months under partly extreme conditions, crossing deserted areas and unforgivable nature? Certainly a spirit for adventure. Still, there is more to it than just the passion to ride halfway around the world or to travel small and dusty trails through the mountains of the Middle East.

There are things you cannot learn from books and you will not truly understand by watching television. There are things you have to experience yourself and to do so you have to make an attempt to get in touch with the world. There are those hidden parts of the daily news of which we have no clue about and there are those all-to-familiar pictures of the world, flickering every day over the screen, a world we think we know by experiencing it from a warm and cozy living room.

15 years ago I was traveling with a motorcycle through South and Central America – an experience I don’t want to miss by any means. Since then, I studied philosophy and economics, and in recent years I spent a lot of time at airports, in offices and meeting rooms. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and the chances offered to learn and to gather experience in different fields of action. Nevertheless, somehow it was time for me to look at the world once more from another angle.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. _
― Aurelius Augustinus